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Local Leaders Call on Cuomo to Increase Investments in Roads, Bridges

Local, State Leaders Call On Cuomo To Prioritize Infrastructure

Local officials lobby for more state roadway improvement funding

Officials raise awareness of deteriorating infrastructure

Rebuild NY Now Statewide Campaign for Parity Continues in the Hudson Valley

Officials call for repairs to unsafe roadways

Rebuild NY Now Statewide Campaign Stops in Westchester County

Advocacy groups seek MTA plan veto unless there’s upstate parity

Local Officials Join Statewide Campaign for Infrastructure Investment

City officials call for infrastructure funding

Akshar calls for more infrastructure funding

Akshar to Cuomo: “We want equal funding”

Rebuild NY Now Calling For Increased Funding For Upstate Roads And Bridges

Officials Renew Push to Rebuild New York’s Infrastructure

Leaders push Albany to devote more funds to Buffalo roads, bridges

Rebuild NY Now kicks off funding parity campaign

Rebuild NY Now’ Kicks Off Statewide Infrastructure Campaign in Rochester

Comptroller urges state to spend surplus funds on infrastructure

Panel to Examine Tolls for New Tappan Zee Bridge

NY Thruway: No toll increase in 2016

Rebuild NY Now Launches Digital Campaign

Broad Coalition Pushes Parity For Infrastructure Spending

Coalition of groups continue call for upstate transportation funding

(Editorial from Flanagan) Upstate roads, bridges need a lift

The Highway Trust Fund keeps bridges from falling down, but will Congress reauthorize it?