Rebuild NY Now Statewide Campaign for Parity Continues in the Hudson Valley

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Rebuild NY Now Statewide Campaign for Parity Continues in the Hudson Valley


Pleasant Valley, NY… Rebuild NY Now, a broad-based coalition seeking to raise public awareness about the issues impacting New York State’s infrastructure, continued its campaign and call for parity today standing at a state bridge project in Dutchess County with Senator Sue Serino, County Executive Marcus Molinaro and other local elected officials, members of organized labor, and private local businesses. This diverse coalition came together to call on the Legislature and the Governor to include funding parity between the capital plans of the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) and the New York State Department of Transportation (DOT) in the 2016-17 Executive Budget.


Mike Elmendorf, President and CEO of Rebuild New York Now said, “A coalition unprecedented in its breadth and diversity has come together around this issue. Everyone from labor to Chambers of Commerce and elected officials from across New York have come together in the Hudson Valley today because our crumbling roads and bridges are in serious need of attention and, more importantly, are in serious need of a multibillion dollar capital commitment from the State. Renewing a commitment to the historic parity agreement between roads and bridges and transit will not only create jobs and save New Yorkers money – but it will ensure the safety and well-being of Hudson Valley families who every day ride on roads and bridges that are in a state of disrepair.”


“An investment in our roads and bridges is an investment in our economy, in our safety, and in our future,” said Senator Serino. “It’s unreasonable to ask taxpayers to continue to pay for the Metropolitan Transit Authority, while conditions of the roads and bridges they must travel on every day remain dangerously neglected. It is time for Governor Cuomo to make Upstate infrastructure a real priority.”
“I see this problem up close every day,” said Dutchess County Executive Marcus Molinaro. “Across Upstate New York, but in the Hudson Valley and Dutchess County, in particular, New Yorkers are traveling across a transportation system that is inefficient, and worse, dangerous. I applaud the leadership it took to come to the historic MTA funding agreement, but the work isn’t finished. Restoring funding parity between the MTA and DOT capital plans is the only way to address the state of disrepair in which we find our roads and bridges across New York. What’s more, we cannot get our economy moving again without safe and efficient roads to transport people and goods. Safer roads and more jobs? Parity is a no-brainer and I call on the Governor and Legislature for a major capital commitment to make it happen.”
“Throughout my career in the legislature, I have been a strong proponent of investing in our infrastructure,” said Senator John Bonacic. “When New Yorkers are travelling across the State, they should never have to worry if the roads and bridges they are using are safe or not. I will continue to work with the DOT, and my colleagues in the Senate, to ensure that NY’s infrastructure receives the funding it needs.”


Senator William J. Larkin said, “I am in complete support of important infrastructure projects being invested in by the State of New York. The infrastructure in small Towns, Villages and Cities throughout our State are in disrepair and the economic impact of such projects cannot be ignored. Now more than ever we need to create jobs and grow our economy.”


“Part of what made America great in the 20th century was our ability to connect communities with roads and bridges,” said Assemblymember Didi Barrett. “Unfortunately we have let those connectors fall into disrepair. Residents of and visitors to the Hudson Valley rely on these roads and bridges and they need a comprehensive plan that includes funding to fix this decaying system.”


Assemblyman Steve Katz said, “The infrastructure across New York State is aging and is in dire need of repair. Implementing more adequate funds to improve the state’s infrastructure will create safer road conditions for all commuters and will enhance the local economy. This is an advancement that will create jobs that the Hudson Valley region can truly benefit from.”


“Whether you take a train or ferry, a car or bus to work, you depend on our region’s infrastructure,” said Assemblyman Frank Skartados. “The state’s historic investment in the MTA will help the many Metro-North commuters in the Hudson Valley, but it’s essential that we also invest in local roads and bridges to help create jobs, boost local businesses and ensure families get to their destinations safely.”


About Rebuild NY Now


Rebuild NY Now is a partnership of supporters seeking to raise public awareness about the issues impacting New York State’s infrastructure. The coalition actively engages federal and state elected officials to support public policies that promote safe roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, and other vital infrastructure.


As part of its effort to educate the public and our federal and state policy makers, Rebuild NY Now promotes relevant research, data points and news reports that highlight the need to rebuild New York State’s deteriorating infrastructure.


Supporters of Rebuild NY Now are committed to advocating for appropriate investment in the state’s deteriorating roads and bridges.