Rebuild NY Now Calls on State Leaders to Utilize Remaining Settlement Funds to Address New York’s Growing Infrastructure Crisis

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The following may be attributed to Rebuild NY Now President Mike Elmendorf:


“As has become all too painfully aware to New York City commuters on a seemingly daily basis, New York’s infrastructure is in crisis.


The drama playing out with the MTA system each day is the latest reminder of the dangerous results of decades of under investment in our infrastructure, from our mass transit systems in New York to our roads and bridges across the entire state.  It has also served as a stark reminder that this failure to maintain our infrastructure does more than just inconvenience and increase costs on the traveling public and undermine our economy; it also puts people in danger.


We have an MTA system that now seems to be coming apart at the seams.  More than half of our roads and 6,000 of our bridges across the State are in need of overdue repairs and reconstruction.  And, we have a Thruway system so decrepit and underfunded that travelers are seeing speed limit reductions because of crumbling pavement on a road they pay for the privilege to use.


Upstate and Downstate, Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives agree:  The time for the Governor and Legislature to act to stem this growing crisis is now.  New York continues to sit on billions of dollars in one-time settlement funds that, just as we called for two years ago, should immediately be dedicated to meeting these needs across New York.  It would be not only a fiscally sound decision, but a good down payment toward beginning to meet the long-term need to rebuild New York.”




About Rebuild NY Now

Rebuild NY Now is a broad-based coalition seeking to raise public awareness about New York State’s infrastructure needs. The coalition actively engages federal and state elected officials to support public policies that promote safe roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, and other vital infrastructure.


As part of its effort to educate the public and our federal and state policy makers, Rebuild NY Now promotes relevant research, data points and news reports that highlight the need to rebuild New York State’s deteriorating infrastructure.


Supporters of Rebuild NY Now are committed to advocating for appropriate investment in the state’s deteriorating roads and bridges.


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